Saturday, January 18, 2014

Lana Montalbán returns to TV talk show ... - Terra Colombia

Argentina Lana Montalbán journalist enters the homes of prominent figures in society with the program “In Exclusive” channel HOLA! TV, with which ventures into their private lives through “an intimate and personal interview.”

“We want to see the essence of the person in his private life, beyond what facing camera, because we see that in many ways,” said Montalban in the U.S. city of Miami during an interview with Efe.

known TV presenter, who began his professional career in 1987 as host of the newscast Telemundo, wants to show life “behind closed doors” of the characters who tend to come out in the magazine HOLA!, but having as Maximum respect your privacy.

“Everything we do in HELLO! TV has the DNA of the magazine HOLA!, so we do not want to know what people do not want us to have. privacy We do not care, and we do it from a respect total person, “he said.

journalist stressed that “the formula you found the magazine 70 years ago is still used today,” because readers do not seek the “morbid” in the contents.

“We only see what we want to show that person. pressed Do not you, do not force them or put them in an uncomfortable situation. want to show your best side and feel respected,” he said.


dating revealed that the “passport magazine HOLA!” has helped her to enter houses of characters known as Isabel Novoa, the richest woman in Ecuador, singer Julio Iglesias Jr. and entrepreneur, singer and songwriter Jon Secada, model Adriana Abascal and Colombian designer Silvia Tcherassi, among many .

“It’s very easy, from our point of view, to call someone and tell them you want to do an interview, as in the magazine, but translated to television,” he said.

presenter acknowledged that, after 20 years working in the vicinity of news programs, both in Argentina and in the United States, this professional exchange allows you to show your feelings in public.

“I opened the door and let her emotions show, like any human being. All that training 20 years I put it in the trash,” confessed the veteran journalist.

“When a person gets excited, too excited me,” he said.


reached HOLA! TV almost by chance, since, after returning to the United States, focused on the modeling agency and TV talent directs herself in Miami.

“Somehow had already abandoned any hope of working again on camera,” he confessed.

Despite his resignation, everything took a turn when she went to the offices of the channel to present some proposals for your agency for conducting space.

“I came to the channel to present my talents and selecting the person who was said also wanted me to do the casting. The rest is history. way things happen,” said the journalist, grateful for this job opportunity .

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